What we do

Commercial Design

With a strong commercial design team Bill Jacobs Pty Ltd has been creating commercial designs thought out the past 25 years. The design team we have been able to deliver quality outcomes across all budgets within the Industrial, commercial and multi residential sectors of the industry with no commercial design job being too big or too small.

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Commercial Builder

As a Melbourne based commercial builder the Bill Jacobs Construction team have worked all over Melbourne and Victoria.

Our Building works range in both size and budget. Our extensive construction experience ensures we can handle your next construction project with a direct and efficient approach. As your commercial builder we work hard to bring your next project in on time and in budget.

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Town Planning

Once you sign off your Design Drawings, if a Town Planning application is required, we will commence the Town Planning documentation. Town Planning requirements will have already been identified and explained to you, and all designs will have been prepared with council overlays in mind.

Each council will require slightly different documentation and depending on the development we may have already had pre application meetings with council to ascertain any concerns or information required to support the application.

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Dual Occupancy

Design Development can vary from project to project.

On smaller to medium size projects the Design Development is undertaken during the Town Planning documentation. With larger developments, Design Development occurs with the other specialised consultants' input during the Building Construction / Permit Stage.

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Multi Residential Developments

With over 25 years' experience in the Industry the Bill Jacobs Pty Ltd design team have you covered. With our extensive experience we can develop and navigate our way through all types of Multi Residential Developments from Residential Units, Townhouses and Apartment Buildings. Our team have the knowledge, skill and resources to drive your next project through from concept design, town planning and building permits.

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Extensions and Renovations

Adding an extension or completing a renovation to your home or commercial property, can increase its value, functionality, energy requirements and liveability. Making it a new contemporary addition or designing it to feel as though it was always there are some of your options when you collaborate with our talented design team.

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Building Design

At Bill Jacobs Pty Ltd we are dedicated to creating a Building Design that is tailored to suit your lifestyle, work place or investment portfolio. Whether your Building Design be for your dream new home, or new investment we can deliver in all areas of Classic, Contemporary/Modern or Period style Building Designs.

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Building Permits

Collating and supplying all the relevant building permit documents to a Building Surveyor can be complicated. As part of the service here at Bill Jacobs Pty Ltd we can arrange your building permit as part of the package. We have a wide range of other building consultants that we deal with, to make it a smooth process getting your job started.

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