The Process

Client Brief

We will need to understand what you want and expect.

For this to occur, we would like to meet with you. However, before we do this, it is imperative you spend some time examining what you want. Is the reason for the project financial or lifestyle? What do you want the development to look like? What does the project need to do? These will be some of the things we will need to know.

The more information that is provided to us, the easier it is for us to understand and ensure we develop the project the way you want it. This will not only save time but will also save you money.

Information that can be used to assist us can be sketches, photos, magazine articles and even Pinterest boards. This will help to show us from where your inspiration has come from.

You will also want to consider your budget. It is very important that you have a budget in mind; this will allow us to determine a realistic appraisal of your development.

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Quote / Fee Proposal

Once we have an understanding of your brief and we have investigated any Statutory or Authority requirement, we will provide you with a quote of our fees to undertake the necessary works, plans and documentation.

We will outline the steps to be undertaken and indicate whether other consultants may be needed on your development.

These can include any of the following for a standard project: Land Surveyor, Town Planner, Soils Engineer, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Energy Rate Consultant and Building Surveyor.

Additional specialized consultants maybe required subject to your development and particular needs.

Authority fees will also be obtained for your information.


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Schematic Design

Once you commit the project to us, we will complete a site visit and gather information about the site.

Depending on the project, we will commence our initial concept drawing. This drawing is usually our interpretation of your brief, not the final design. Quite often when clients view these concepts they have a greater understanding of what they do or do not want as these drawings are in scale.

This stage may involve 2 or 3 concepts with the design usually evolving. Things can be added or removed for now the client is working with us to resolve their particular needs.

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Town Planning Documentation

Once you sign off your Design Drawings, if a Town Planning application is required, we will commence the Town Planning documentation. Town Planning requirements will have already been identified and explained to you, and all designs will have been prepared with council overlays in mind.

Each council will require slightly different documentation and depending on the development we may have already had pre application meetings w ith council to ascertain any concerns or information required to support the application.

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Design Development

Design Development can vary from project to project.

On smaller to medium s ize projects the Design Development is undertaken during the Town Planning documentation. With larger developments, Design Development occurs with the other specialised consultants' input during the Building Construction / Permit Stage.

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Construction & Building Permit Drawings

Construction and Building Permit Drawings follow on from the design development stage and any necessary town planning permits have now been obtained. These drawings are prepared to enable builders to use to quote and construct and for building permits to be issued. At t his stage structural engineering and other consultants' reports are prepared. We provide you with a complete package of drawings and documentation so you have everything you need for construction.

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Your journey with us does not have to end here. Bill Jacobs Construction Pty Ltd can build your project for you. We know your project intimately as we have designed it with you and understand your expectations and budget.

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