Dual Occupancy

Dual Occupancy Design

Nowadays, the concept of dual occupancy designs is gaining more recognition. After all, these designs offer you the ability to maximize the value of your land.

Our dual occupancy designs in Melbourne come in an innovative, modern range of floor plans providing affordable housing solutions for a growing population. The Bill Jacobs team is the specialist in multi-dwelling developments. We have the expert knowledge, proven track record, and experience you need to maximize your property's investment potential.

Whether your dual occupancy is joined (duplex) or separate (two dwellings), it is important to consider the land and how access is gained to each place of residence. We take care of everything and make sure that your property accommodates your style preferences, your living requirements as well as your budget.

With property prices continually increasing throughout Melbourne, building a dual occupancy by constructing two Houses on one parcel of land or adding a new home to the rear of an existing property, can be a great investment. Our friendly staff are always available to discuss the potential on your dual occupancy development.

Dual Occupancy Home Designs

Dual occupancy properties require a custom design solution that takes into consideration, factors like style, size and complexity of your plot area, your requirements as well as your budget constraints. We have the experience of creating the ideal dual occupancy home by working in close collaboration with our in-house design team.

The Dual Occupancy Process


  • Getting Started - Checking the feasibility of the plan and preparing a detailed quotation for your chosen design.
  • Preliminary Works and Contracts Presentation - We will provide you with the preliminary contract; once the plans, design and the site cost are confirmed.
  • Town Planning Request - Further, the town planning drawings will be prepared while you are guided with every step during the planning process.
  • Building Permit - Once you meet the council's permit conditions; you need to sign the contract after which we will apply for your project's building permit.
  • Construction - The actual construction will start once you are through the above steps. You will be updated with the status through our regular inspections.

Why Bill Jacobs?

If you are considering the dual occupancy option, choosing our services can prove to be a profitable deal due to:

Creative and Productive Designs: We take pride in delivering innovative solutions in terms of designing. We understand your requirements closely and merge them with the available land area. This ultimately yields creative and productive results.

Rewarding Experience: Our expert team ensures that the entire experience of the home building process from the initial consultation to the design and construction will be seamless.

Guaranteed Quality: We ensure that the highest standards of excellence are present in everything we do. The use of best quality materials assists us in providing you with a guaranteed quality solution.

Unmatched Craftsmanship: The entire team of Bill Jacobs is proven master tradesmen with flawless work records. Our services ensure unmatched craftsmanship for every project coming our way.

Regular Site Inspections: Every dual occupancy building undertaken by us is under direct supervision. This removes the possibility of errors which ultimately speeds up the entire process, giving a solution that stands apart in terms of quality and design.

The dual occupancy design will surely set your property apart from the other homes. If you want toenquire more about our services, contact us at 03 9331 4444and one of our team members will assist you with all your queries!