Building Permits

Building Permits Approval in MELBOURNE

Why is it Important to Get a Building Permit?

If you are planning construction, renovation or even demolition, you will need to apply for a building permit from your local government or private building surveyor.

We at Bill Jacobs will assist you with applying for a building permit in Melbourne. We are equipped with necessary personnel who have the knowledge and experience to deal with all facets of building permits. We undertake permit applications for commercial, industrial and residential works.

Collating and supplying all the relevant building permit documents to a Building Surveyor can be complicated. As part of the service here at Bill Jacobs Pty Ltd, we can arrange your building permit as part of the package. We have a wide range of other building consultants that we deal with, to make it a smooth process getting your job started.

Contact us all of Your Building Permit requirements

We are an experienced team who has gained expertise in handling various types of projects. Get in touch with us at 03 9331 4444 to make sure that you experience a smooth and trouble-free building permit process in Melbourne.